5th-Axis Rotary table



Customize plate for mechanical fitting if needed.

5th-Axis Rotary table SPMB-250
  • Direct connection to the load, Gearless, Backlashless, Low Noise.
  • High over-load capacity(4x), High speed, High servo-response.
  • Absolute encoders, High resolution(over 22- bits), High Precision.
  • Hollow-Shaft structure, easy wiring and piping .
  • Customer-Supply-Encoder available.
  • Customize plate for mechanical fitting if needed.
  • Structure part modulized, local tooling.
  • Supply non-hollow shaft type.
Mechanical Specification
Driving system
Overall Dimension
Mounting Dimension
Shaft Diamater
Through hole diamater
Total weight (including Torque Motor)
Allowable load inertia
Clamping Pressure
Clamping Torque
Capacity of workpiece mass
Allowable load when clamped
Cooling method / IP protection level
Electrical Specification
Driver input voltage b)
Rated power(water cooled)
Rated / Max. Torque c)
Rated / Max. Speed
Rated / Max. Current c)
Back E.M.F.
Torque constant
Least input increment
Absolute accuracy d)
Backlash d)
Item unit Value Remarks
Mechanical Specification
Driving system -- -- Direct-Drive  
Overall Dimension OD mm Φ274 f9 x 221.77  
Mounting Dimension MD mm Φ236x8.5, Φ230h7  
Shaft Diamater SD mm Φ130(0 ~ -0.005)  旋轉件安裝基準
Through hole diamater TD mm Φ53, 後段Φ48x20L  
Total weight (including Torque Motor) W kg 45  
Inertia J kg‧m^2 0.086  
Allowable load inertia Ja kg‧m^2 0.86  
Clamping Pressure Pc kg‧m^2 20 油壓環刨式
Clamping Torque Tc Nm 600  
Capacity of workpiece mass 立式 kg 320 示意圖(1)
臥式 kg 100 示意圖(2)
Allowable load when clamped F kgf 1400 示意圖(3)
FxL 徑向 kg‧m 60 示意圖(4)
FxL 軸向 kg‧m 100 示意圖(5)
Cooling method / IP protection level -- -- (water-cooled) / IP67  
Electrical Specification
Driver input voltage b) VD Vrms 220  
Poles P -- 44  
Rated power(water cooled) Pr W 1884  
Rated / Max. Torque c) Tr / Tm Nm 120 / 240  
Rated / Max. Speed Vr / Vm rpm 150 /200  
Rated / Max. Current c) Ir / Im Arms 11 / 24.2  
Back E.M.F. Ke Vrms@100rpm 92 terminal to terminal
Torque constant KT Nm / Arms 13.6  
Least input increment -- degree 0.001  
Absolute accuracy d) P / Ps arc - sec 20 / 4 By RENISHAW XL80+XR20-W measurement
Backlash d) U arc - sec 4
  • CNC Tapping Center Applications
  • CNC Vertical Machine Center Applications
  • Heavy-duty machines