SOLPOWER Machine Electronic Corp. was founded in 1995. In consideration of world ranking of Taiwan tool machine export, the Fourth and Fifth place, it was a pity that Taiwan tool machinery companies have no their own spindle motor controllers and the key components need to be imported.

SOLPOWER initially integrated high-quality controllers and drivers and developed spindle motors including induction servo motors, synchronous servo motors, linear motors, DD motors, and build-in stator& rotor specifically for general industrial machinery.

Owing to the outstanding product characteristics and quality, which is compared favorably with spindle motors made in Europe, America, and Japan to gain very good feedback from customers, our motors export to thirty nations including China, Germany, Japan, Italy, U.S.A, Switzerland, Korea, Poland, India in the world.

SOLPOWER Machine Electronic Corp. continually promotes the precision and stability of products to research and develop new products in for meeting a variety of markets and customers necessary. Recently, we integrated senior research and development engineers experienced in Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Precision Machinery Research & Development Center (PMC), with decades of experience in R&D and manufacturing, and with the advantage of the company's motors. Launching the whole new series of Direct-Drive rotary tables and motorized spindle productions. It is very highly praised and used by 3C and Machine Tool manufacturers.

We have insisted on the business management ideas, "quality, service, and innovation", for many years to improve technology and steady quality of products. In the future, we will keep putting in more effort in research and development to create a resplendent future for the transmission industry and to achieve the mission of Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction.


For providing excellent high-class servo motors, high precise detecting instrumant and strict SOP to control product process, we strive for offeringhigh efficiency, quality and low after-care service rate so that we have motivation for continuous improvement.


Based on the concept of credibility, we provide complete service network and satisfy standard andcustomized necessaries from customers to expand internation maeket.


In order to create mutual beneficial solution between customers and us, we have steady technical core, vertical integrate research, develpment and technical process for providing outstanding products to opgrade industrial additional value.